Impactful Design Book


Design is the most impactful problem-solving method known to humanity, as it draws its power from empathy and the understanding of people. A good Design always leads to a solution. We could harness this power to create an everlasting impact, which is why organizations need to invest in Design right now!

In this book, I will distill my experience of trusted methods on measuring the Business Value of Design. Together, we will discover how Design-Driven Organizations use Design to their advantage, measure and track the economic impact of Design on businesses and unravel the non-economic impact of Design. Finally, you would learn about what it takes for a designer to be equipped for a future of Impactful Design.

Impactful Design is a book is written with mid-sized companies and young designers in mind. This book aims to provide an easy-to-digest and sound explanation of what it means to apply Design impactfully. In case you are tired of reading complicated business articles, you might want to stick around for a story told by a designer in the business world.

You can buy Impactful Design in hardcover here. Free shipping within Germany.

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