Alles Mal Antatschen

In this Project I moved to completely different level of observing, not a product or a market but a place and environment. This project was in corporation with a primary school in Potsdam, Germany. I was always very curious to see how the schools in Germany look like and what makes them so special. When I saw the school, teaching system and how the kids react. It’s just completely different than what I was used to. The task was to develop a learning martial for the smart white board in the school. I noticed that they have different language programs and here I decided to use my mother given talent, my mother language and create a program for teaching Arabic for beginners. I was afraid that kids and teachers won’t like it as it’s not in their language or languages that they usually learn, but the reaction was really good. Everyone loved it. And I learned that even when I move to somewhere new, I have always to keep my background in mind and never lose my culture, but add to it.


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